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About Houston Professional Land Training

We specialize in providing entry/basic level training for Land and Land Administration for the Oil and Gas industry in the US

How it started

In 1997 the Texas energy sector recovered from a protracted downturn, and companies rushed to hire entry-level land personnel. Our CEO, Michael H. Mann, began offering courses related to the energy sector, specializing in land and land administration starting in 1997. Our CEO recognized the benefit he could provide both companies and the workforce with competitive tools in courses developed for Land Technicians, Lease Analysts, and Division Order Analysts under the leadership of a CPL with extensive experience.

Over the years, our CEO, Michael H. Mann, has been instrumental in training thousands of students and helping them get jobs in the industry. Many of the students received a promotion into management positions.

The Present

Our CEO believes that the industry will need a new wave of energy personnel to meet the educational and training demands of the coming market. In addition, those who have jobs will need to maintain regular education to keep their competitive edge. In 2020, he founded Houston Professional Land Training, a standalone business dedicated to preparing professionals for the needs of the energy industry in Texas.

This new standalone organization has refreshed the content in the form of web-based classes in addition to our in-person training courses for those who want to be prepared to work in the energy industry.
The in-person tuition includes sessions with reviews and a final exam, a comprehensive handbook with example documents & resource material, and certification of competency of the training material.

We can also provide customized courses for your employees at a location of your choice.

The Founder

Michael Mann is the Founder and CEO of Houston Professional Land Training, and LT Global Staffing, Inc. Michael has over 34 years of experience in the Oil and Gas Industry. He is a Certified Professional Landman, an active member of the Houston Association of Professional Landman and Houston Association of Division Order Analysts since 1987.


  • 1990, received the AAPL Citizen Award.  
  • 1995-1996, served as President of the HAPL.
  • 1996, received the AAPL APEX Award for Best Presidents’ Communication.
  • 1998, named HAPL Outstanding Landman.
  • 2000-2001, served as President of the HADOA.
  • 2000-2002, HAPL Region 4 Director to The American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL).
  • 2022, HAPL 2022 Outstanding Senior Landman Award Recipient
Michael Mann
What Customers are saying:
I recommend taking this class no matter what level of experience or knowledge about the industry you currently possess. It is worth every minute in gold!
Silvia Contreras