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Division Order Analyst Course


Division Order Analysts provide correct interest to the accounting department so that division orders can be calculated and all owners interest in a producing well is correct, making sure owners are paid properly and timely

Who should take our Division order Analyst training course?

  • Anyone who wants to get an Introduction to Division Order practices
  • mineral owners
  • non-operators
  • overriding royalty owners
  • title attorneys

After taking the Division order Analyst course you should be able to:

  • Be familiar with interest calculations you will have learned the difference between leasehold and net revenue for the working interest as well as a Division Order.
  • Know how to calculate working interest, leasehold interest, net revenue interest, overriding royalty interest and gross and net acres.
  • Understand the anatomy of a division order and how other documents affect the division of interest.

Course Outline


  1. Anatomy of a Division Order
  2. The Division Order Analyst
  3. Land and Mineral Ownership
  4. Mineral Title and Changes in Mineral Ownership
  5. Effect of the Oil and Gas Lease on Division Orders  
  6. Other Activities and Documents Which Affect the Division Order
  7. Division Order Calculations
  8. Division Order Vocabulary

Course Format

In-person classroom, lecture, discussion and hands-on exercises

$ 497.00
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