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Lease Analyst

This course is designed for those seeking a broader knowledge of the oil, gas, and energy industry, following up the Land Technician course.


Lease Analyst

In-Person Course

June 12, 2024
June 13, 2024
8:00 am
4:00 pm
In-person classroom, lecture, discussion and hands-on exercises
1717 St James Place, Suite 312, Houston, Texas 77056
$ 497.00
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Ideal candidates are those who want to add value to their company by being able to handle broader work assignments and/or gain efficiencies by understanding how each discipline impacts the other.

The Lease Analyst course takes you through the “Life of an Oil & Gas Lease and the different types of leases used in the industry.

After taking the Lease Analyst course you should be able to:

Be familiar with the oil and gas lease and the meaning of the lease provisions in addition to lease maintenance. You will also know the difference between a mineral interest and a royalty interest

Course Outline


A Course for Lease Analysts

  1. Lease Acquisition
  2. The Oil and Gas Lease
  3. Types of Leases
  4. Lease Support Documentation
  5. Types of Land Ownership and Ownership Changes
  6. Lease Maintenance
  7. Other Documents
  8. P & A and Release
What Customers are saying:
The instructor was most excellent. Jackie took the time to answer all the questions and kept the class going at a comfortable pace.